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Our vision is to see a global generation of young leaders impact culture by creating solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems, through entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and innovation.

The next generation of faith based leaders think and behave differently to previous generations. They are an always connected, digital first generation, who are passionate about making a difference to societal, social and environmental challenges. They want their lives and service to be meaningful. We believe that the Church has a vital role to play in training and empowering these leaders, but will need to adapt and evolve their programming in order to do so.

The Wonderful Foundation is a non-profit that partners with churches, impact ventures and networks to deliver programmes and platforms that empower next generation leaders with the community, skills and resources to make a redemptive impact.

panel teaching

We train and empower leaders to be drivers of cultural change

a panel teaching on a stage

We empower young visionary leaders to launch and scale impact ventures

Community Dar Care centre

We support churches to empower their leaders and communities

How can you get involved?

Corporate Partnerships

Connect with us to find out how you can partner with the Wonderful Foundation as part of your corporate strategy.

Church Partnerships

Connect with us to discuss how we support local churches in building communities of marketplace leaders, and train & empower next generation leaders.

Join Our Community

If you are an impact venture, redemptive leader or church leader, then join our community through Wonderful Leaders or get in contact, and be part of the movement.

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