Grant funding


GAP Grant Fund

This small fund is a poverty relief fund helping leaders short term to feed and clothe those in need.

The typical grant size of up to £1,000 as a one off grant.


Micro-Enterprise Match Funding Grant

We operate a fund for social enterprises and social entrepreneurs where we match fund (up to 50%) of the launch or initial growth of a new social enterprise or community interest business.

The typical grant sizes of up to £5,000 as a one off grant. In order to be eligible for this grant, you will need to provide a clear plan for growth, including how much has been raised so far, how much investment is needed, how the funds will be used and how the project will be sustainable.


Technology Skills Grants

We offer grants in the form of a skills exchange to support the development of digital strategies to enable growth. This could include the development of a new website, social media campaign and other associated digital activities.

This grant is offered in partnership with The Wonderful Creative Agency Ltd in the form of a voucher, typically up to £10,000 in exchange for services.

All grant funding must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • People empowerment – training and empowering leaders to be drivers of change
  • Economic development – supporting leaders to develop or scale projects that promote local economic development
  • Wellbeing – supporting initiatives that promote people’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

All grant applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis with no cut off date for applications. We endeavour to respond to all applicants within 2-months of receiving the application. We are a small grant making organisation, so unfortunately we can not guarantee your application to be successful.

Contact Us 

For more information or to apply for these grants, please contact us with any relevant information.