Wonderful Projects

The Wonderful Foundation is clear in its mission and activities. Working directly with community organisations and leaders, the Foundation can make a significant impact by directly empowering and supporting the people on the ground who make the difference.

Current project

Our Recent Project: Beds for Beds

What's the big idea?

The Wonderful Foundation raised money for two very worthy causes. £2,250 was raised and used to supply beds to the orphanage in Malawi and for the local winter homeless shelter in Maidstone. 


A team from The Wonderful Creative Agency, alongside Carpetright Employees participated in our 24hr sleep-in, and others added to the fundraising in their own way. Read more…

Our big event

To raise these funds, our team spent 24hrs in bed… in a local bed store! We partnered with retail giants Carpetright to stage our sleep-in at their Aylesford store, starting on Friday 14th December 2018.

What were we looking to achieve?

We were looking to raise £2,000 to supply beds for the orphanage and the homeless shelter. Everyone deserves somewhere safe to put their head at night, and thankfully we were able to raise £2,250!


Donate to our latest project

For our latest project, we're raising money to donate much needed beds to the Ark Orphanage in Malawi, as well as the winter Homeless Shelter in Maidstone.