Vital community services, Malawi

Vital community services, Malawi

Location: Phalombe District, Malawi

Date: 2015 – ongoing


Project overview:

The construction of an orphanage and community training centre has begun in the Phalombe district, approximately 100km north of the capital, Blantyre. The project is underway but needs an injection of funding to bring it to completion.

The training centre will be used to equip the local community with practical skills to enable them to find work and feed their families. Funding is needed to purchase welding machines, sawing machine, mechanical and carpentry tools as well as for the completion of the building itself.

The orphanage will be established to both house and educate young children who either have no parents or access to education. We have visited the site and the need is great. This project will be a real benchmark for the future development of Malawi.


The transformation:

Our initial seed fund is around £10,000 to fund the establishment of the orphanage and community training centre. We will be seeking further funding to develop this project and others.


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