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Climbing Ben Nevis for kids in Malawi

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We are excited that Mr Mark Roberts, who on the 17 – 18 October 2015, is attempting the challenge of climbing the highest peak in the United Kingdom, Ben Nevis (1,344 metres (4,408 ft)), to raise funds and awareness for our project, the Migowi Orphanage in Malawi, Africa. 

For Mark this is a particular challenge , but his motivation is the orphans in Malawi.

Please inspire Mark to reach the summit by sponsoring him.

All proceeds will go the orphanage for their Back To School program.

This is what Mark has to say about the challenge:

Since October 2014 I have had a vision.

This vision was to help build nations, to help the poor and the needy.

This vision wasn’t to just provide all their needs, but to provide for the nations, through leadership development and encouragement, and create other opportunities, in order for them to meet their own needs, with all the support I could offer.

It was a little scary receiving such a vision, as I had no idea at the time how it would all come about, until a few weeks later, when I had the privilege of meeting a man who has become my friend and mentor, Shaun Smit.

Whilst speaking with Shaun for the first time, it become ever so apparent to me that this man not only shared the same heart, but also the same vision that I had received a few weeks earlier, and so this journey began.

In June 2015, Shaun Smit returned from a trip to Malawi to visit and assess a project of an orphanage being run in the village of Migowi some 3 hours drive from Blantyre. On his return he shared, not only his heart to see this orphanage assisted, but also the plight of the particular group of people who work there. He shared with us about the tireless and faithful work of the teachers and carers who continue to run and care for over 200 children in the orphanage. (Seeing the photos).

Watching the videos made me realise, there and then, that this was the purpose of the vision.

My heart cried out for all those involved, because they were struggling financially, as many of the teachers and carers had not been properly paid for many months and the repercussions that this must have on all the children, but how they still live life with such a grateful hearts.

It was truly inspirational how a broken, poverty stricken, small community could be so grateful for what little they did have, and still smile with thankfulness.

In the coming weeks and months, as we look to establish the correct strategies for moving this vision forward in creating long term sustainability for all concerned, I have decided to carry out a sponsored mountain climb.

This will involve climbing Britain’s highest peak (Ben Nevis), in order to raise, not just funds, but equally important create awareness for these amazing people and the selfless work they do for the orphans.

Now you may think that the mountain climb is pretty straight forward, and in most cases, you’d be right.

However, I’m currently awaiting major knee surgery to replace my failing right knee with a complete new knee joint required.There are 7 pins holding my knee together, with two artificial ligaments, and chronic arthritis.

After 9 previous operations, for me, this is a huge challenge both mentally and physically.

Not only am I preparing this climb before surgery, but I’m also committing to do it after surgery as well. On this occasion, I’ll shave off my beard on the peak, which I’m growing as a show of support and to raise funds by doing something different to let this sponsorship reflect my heart for this purpose.

I feel in my heart that the price of a few days pain is nothing in comparison to what these amazing teachers and children go through each and every day just to survive.

So, I ask you from my heart, to help support this challenge by making a sponsored donation or gift donation for this climb.

They need urgently need our help, so isn’t it amazing that we all have this opportunity to bring hope, love and encouragement to this vitally important cause.

I pray you’ll join me in kindness and generosity, by encouraging me to make the summit, which will in turn place future prosperity into the hearts of those amazing teachers and children, to help bring not just short term, but equally long term, change and development to a nation, as we push into the heart of this vision.

Thank you for reading and God Bless.


Thank You from the Ark Orphanage

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Thank You from the Ark Orphanage

We received some great news this week, after The Wonderful Creative Agency’s gruelling 24 hour walk from their office in Maidstone to the Isle of Wight in December, the final total raised for the Ark Orphanage was an impressive £1,575!

“Thanks to the efforts of The Wonderful Creative Agency, the Ark Orphanage has been able to put this money to a much needed refurbishment, and has been able to purchase essential items from beds, mattresses, pillows, duvets, sofas to cooking utensils and gardening equipment. The generous donations  have helped transformed a house into a home for children in very difficult circumstances.”

The Wonderful Foundation are always on the look out for new ways to fund raise to our projects. If you’d like to get involved and Do Something Wonderful for the Ark Orphanage or similar projects, contact us today.

A Step in the Wight Direction

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A Step in the Wight Direction

102 miles. 24 Hours. 204,000 step later. 12 aching bodies. 1 great cause.

The team at Wonderful Creative Agency braved the cold December elements to complete a 24 hour walk from their head office in Maidstone to their office on the Isle of Wight all to raise money for The Wonderful Foundation.

The team battled through blisters, exhaustion and the weather to complete an impressive but gruelling team challenge to assist the setup and running of a much needed orphanage in Reni, Ukraine.

As a result of their efforts, The Wonderful Foundation are pleased to announce the orphanage is up and running and is able to look after babies full-time and younger children throughout the day, providing care and life opportunities they wouldn’t normally have.

A Grand Shave

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A Grand Shave

Like it or loathe it, the time has come for Wonderful Foundation founder Dan Maudhub to part ways with his overgrown facial hair. The only way to convince him it was time to face the razor was by offering something that sits close to his heart.

Dan promised to shave his beard if we were able to raise £1000 to fund The Masada Summer Camp for orphaned and underprivileged teenagers in the Ukraine. Thanks to your generous donations, we exceeded the £1000 target, Dan’s face became visible for the first time in months and most importantly we were able to bring together these teenagers for an unforgettable week of fun and adventure.

It was great to involved with. It was great to be involved with the camp and Wonderful Foundation founder Dan even flew over to Ukraine to join in and see it all happen.