The Wonderful Foundation’s ‘Bed4Beds’ Campaign, fundraising throughout December 2018, raised a total of £2,250 for charitable organisations. 

As part of 2018’s fundraising, the focus was simply ‘Beds’. For the tail end of 2018, The Wonderful Foundation focussed on raising money to deliver beds for our nominated orphanage in Malawi, and beds for the local homeless shelter in Maidstone. 

We’re proud to have partnered with leading beds superstore Sleepright (part of Carpetright) to give us greater visibility of these two wonderful causes. 

Our contacts at Head Office, who facilitated and gave approval for the joint fund-raising were very helpful indeed; and the team in our local store were particularly accommodating, as they let our team camp out in their store overnight, even having some of their own staff join the sleep-in. 

The 24-hour sleep-a-thon was attended by members of the team from Wonderful Creative Agency, who camped out at the Carpetright store in Aylesford for a whole day to boost funds for the causes. The sleep-over kicked off at 5pm on Friday 14th December and continued overnight as staff clubbed together to shake buckets and shout about the initiative dubbed “Bed For Beds”.

Beds supplied to Malawi Orphanage
Beds supplied to Malawi Orphanage

James Gray, Account Director at Wonderful Creative Agency, said: “We have our own charitable foundation which was set up in 2015.”

“We thought it would be a wonderful thing to do so that we can give something back and it is something that we like to do regularly.”
“We have worked with the orphanage in Malawi before, with past donations going towards the installation of a clean water supply, and our managing director and charity founder, Dan Maudhub, has been out there on the ground as well.”
“It’s great to help a local cause, in helping the homeless too. We have been supporting the orphanage in Malawi, and now we are raising awareness for the homeless closer to home too.”

The team’s target was to raise £2,500 to allow The Wonderful Foundation to source and donate beds, bedding and vital mosquito nets in Malawi; and bedding closer to home for the winter shelter in Maidstone.

James added: “We have all been fundraising individually, and the actual 24 hour sleep-in stunt itself came out of a collaborative team brainstorm session.”
“There are lots of people who do things like sleeping rough for a night as a one-off stunt, but were concerned this was a little insensitive as they usually have a warm bed to go to the following night.”
“We thought we would try something different, partnering with a big retail store like Carpetright for more face-to-face exposure. We’re really grateful for them being so accommodating, with their staff staying in store overnight with us too. The Wonderful Creative Agency will also be match-funding whatever is donated.”

Buckets were shaken outside the store the team looked to hit the £2,000 target, which would allow us to provide beds to the orphanage in Malawi and the winter shelter in Maidstone.

We did this, raising £2,250! £1,500 went towards additional beds for the orphanage in Malawi and £750 went to the local Winter Homeless Shelter, for which they were very grateful.

Thanks from the Maidstone Winter Homeless Shelter
Beds supplied by The Wonderful Foundation
Beds supplied by The Wonderful Foundation at the Orphanage in Malawi
Beds4Beds supplying beds for Malawi
The new beds were much needed.

We’re always looking for the next project we can raise funds for and, more importantly, deliver lasting change to. We don’t just want to raise money, it really is about making a difference, so please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.